Robyn Oakes

Master hair stylist, Robyn has worked on hair cut, color, styling, and care for over a decade and provides a space for creative collaboration to perfectly suit her client’s personality, image and lifestyle.

From consult to finish to everyday wear, Robyn aims to sculpt a cut or enhance a color that can be worn with comfortable confidence that is unique to you.

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  • “Robyn Oakes’ hair care skills are magical. Robyn has all the goods - the right mix of hair coloring & cutting skills, plus she has an amazing, welcoming personality with a great sense of humor; additionally, Robyn always offers to ease you into a new color or cut to make sure you are pleased with the change.” – Donna

    “Most of my friends get really bad, unnatural growth weeks after they color their hair. Robyn has perfected the art of natural growth. My hair color always looks great and natural! So I get color done when I want to, not when I need to! Plus she has amazing conditioning and protein treatments that keeps my hair healthy, strong and shiny even with all the color.” – Stephanie

    “When I’m trying to grow out my hair, I never skip a haircut. Robyn is great at taking off what needs to be gone while maintaining length! We also use this amazing conditioning treatment so my hair stays healthier without needing to take off precious inches.” – Mackenzie

    “I’ll never forget the first time I saw Robyn years ago. She was writing notes about our conversation, my hair, cut and color in a notebook! The next time I saw her, not only did she remember exactly what we had done, what color combinations she used and how she styled and textured my hair, but she used that insight to improve and evolve my color, style and look until it was perfectly unique to me!” – Morgan